School Health Promotion Program

School health hub

Schools and teachers are the psychological leaders of the community. Their involvement in health influences children to establish lifelong healthy behaviors. Most children spend an average of 6 to 7 hours at school on a school day and it is easier and more effective to establish healthy behaviors during childhood than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood. Therefore, a healthy and supportive school environment is needed for children to develop skills for effective self-care that children can use throughout their lives, make healthy decisions, and set and achieve positive goals. But they cannot do this alone.


At Mercy Health Hub Frontier Foundation (MHHFF), we understand this need and have made it our purpose and mission to pave the way for School-Health Partnership as an avenue to motivate and assist students to maintain and improve their health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors. Our School Health program emphasizes wellness across the full educational spectrum from cradle to career. We provide clinical, and educational benefits to schools and the community by taking medical care from clinical walls to places where students learn and grow. 


The program focuses on priority behaviors that contribute to the health, safety and well-being of students, staff and families. The program also serves as an entry point for introducing health knowledge into families through the students, and thus improving the health of communities and the nation at large. It is a collaborative effort to support the healthy development and academic success of students, the schools and communities in which they live.